Same Sex Experimenting and Double Standards: Part 2

This episode we discussed part 2 of the double standards that exist regarding same sex experiences. Our point of reference is the Issa Rae’s HBO Series Insecure Season 1 Episode 6 (“Guilty as Fuck”). During this episode both Molly and her potential boyfriend Jared share same sex experiences they’ve had in their younger years. As usual, Molly’s same sex experience was glossed over as just a thing but Molly makes a huge deal out of Jared’s same sex experiences and breaks it off with him.

Why do these double standards exist? Are women allowed more sexual freedom to explore their sexuality? Why are men not allowed the right to “experiment” without being quickly labeled as gay or bisexual? Why is his masculinity questioned because he may have had a same sex experience?

Are our sexual preference and identify strictly determined by what experiences we’ve had?

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