The Curiosity of Women: Bisexuality in Heterosexual Relationships


***This show is a “blast from the past” we recorded this show live 2 years ago but it is still as relevant today as it was then!”

On this episode we discussed sexual curiosity in heterosexual women. Do you know that there are many women in heterosexual relationships who have the desire or want to sleep with another woman? Are you one of those women? Do you desire the company of a woman but haven’t been able to explore? If so, what is stopping you from exploring? Are you worried about society’s view, your husband/boyfriend’s view, or is it a moral thing? Is there a safe way to explore your sexuality without shame?

Are you a woman and your boyfriend/husband “allows” you to interact with women? Do you have rules to it? How do you explore it? How did you approach the conversation with your spouse? Has it harmed or actually enhanced your relationship?

Are you in a lesbian relationship but have desires to sleep with a male every now and again?

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